Commission of Inquiry Into Matters Releating to the Death of Neil Stonechild



I undertake to the Commission of the Stonechild Inquiry that any and all documents or information which are produced to me in connection with the Commission's proceedings will not be used by me for any purpose other than those proceedings. I further undertake that I will not disclose any such documents or information to anyone except as may be authorized by the Commissioner.

I understand that this undertaking has no force or effect once any such document or information has become part of the public proceedings of the Commission, or to the extent that the Commissioner may release me from the undertaking with respect to any document or information. For greater certainty, a document is only part of the public proceedings once the document is made an exhibit at the Inquiry.

With respect to those documents or information which remain subject to this undertaking at the end of the Inquiry, I undertake to either destroy those documents or information, and provide a certificate of destruction to the Commission, or to return those documents to the Commission for destruction.

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   2004   The Wright Commission